BOTH/AND, a curated group show at the SAIC MFA Thesis Show

Here's me installing at the thesis show: You can still visit the Sullivan Galleries (7th floor, 33 S. State St., Chicago) until May 20 to see the 2011 MFA Thesis Exhibition at SAIC. BOTH/AND is a group show within the exhibition organized by Kate Hampel, Gwynne Johnson, Kristin Nason, Matthew Schlagbaum, and Nancy Tien. No time to visit the gallery? You can imagine it all as you read our curatorial statement:

These artists explore the tenuous nature of our ability to lend concrete and stable meanings to people, objects, and personal identity. By revealing and expanding private moments of experience, these artists seek to make visible that which is often concealed or unseen. Questioning notions of stability, authenticity, and personal and social value, they address our own fragile attempts to carve out places for ourselves within society's limitations and boundaries.

SAIC MFA Thesis Exhibition