KEGGER: Brand-Spanking-New Work by Kate Hampel, Erica Scourti, and Guadalupe Martinez

April 25th at the Vermont Studio Center, our group show will open at 5:30pm.

KEGGER: a show of brand-new work by a group of artists who aim to blast you out of your bourgeois posturing and so called ‘problems’ with a kick up the arse that you will end up thanking- and quite possibly paying- them for.

Wiping away the dead skin of contemporary art-babble and all its attendant pseudo-bollocks with a fresh new approach fostered in the cutting-edge studio practice of their VSC residency, the artists smear their lipstick all over the dead weight tomes of accepted aesthetic practice, re-invigorating our belief in the power of art to move, shake and amaze you.

Bringing a neo-punk post-feminist attitude to bear on the question of longing and belonging, KEGGER invites the viewer into the boudoir of contemporary desire and promises to stay up all night arguing until our voices are hoarse and none of it even matters anymore.

Therein lies the opening through which the viewer can insert himself or herself, completing the work and releasing themselves from their ideological chains.

Kate Hampel is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Chicago. Her work investigates the structures of violence and desire implicit in our social contracts.

Erica Scourti is a London-based artist exploring value and systems of belief in contemporary net-worked culture.

Guadalupe Martinez is an interdisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, Canada. Her work investigates the politics and poetics encountered at the borderland between Self and Other.

This program partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.