Archetype Drift

Nikon SLR_0125.tif by D.E. Todd I've been stopping by the gallery over the last couple of days and can't wait to see the projectors up and running tomorrow night for Archetype Drift, curated by Jason Lazarus and organized by my favourite people at Filter Photo. The space looks amazing---if you are in Chicago tomorrow night please stop by Johalla Projects for a visit!

There's a great preview of the exhibition on Image 37, so if you can't make it take the tour:

"It’s interesting to note that some of the less obviously photographic pieces are the ones most concerned with the historical and cultural aspects of the medium, such as Shannon Benine’s Central Light (No. 2), 2009, which attempts to reconnect photography to some of its early mystical uses, and Molly Brandt’s 1895-1946, a “direct positive print from a rubbing of László Molohy-Nagy’s grave.” Several other members of the cannon are referenced in Archetype Drift: John Baldessari’s Throwing Three Balls… is comically re-performed in Jeremy Chiu’s video Throwing Three Cameras in the Air to Get a Straight Shot (Best of Thirty-Six Attempts), and Nan Goldin’s Nan One Month After Being Battered sits in the background of Kate Hampel’s interrogative piece, Something you can believe in. These videographic takes on classic photography projects celebrate the originals while seeking ways to keep their intentions relevant in the contemporary world." (James Pepper Kelly)